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Countryside Trash Removal LLC Policies

Refund Policy

Should you discontinue your service with Countryside Trash Removal, your refund will be based on the prorated balance of the payments you have made relative to the services provided. Refunds will be paid in the manner in which they were originally remitted to Countryside Trash Removal.

Terms of Use

The purpose of this website is to explain the products and/or services offered by Countryside Trash Removal. No warranty or guaranty of service is implied to those visiting the site.

  1. All site content, including pricing and policies, are subject to change without notice.
  2. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep this site online and free of malware or other malicious software. This includes the link to the third-party payment portal should you choose to pay online. However, your payments are still required to be made on or before the stated due dates even if access to this site is not available.
  3. All online payments made to Countryside Trash Removal are made on a third-party website and subject to stated terms & conditions. Our website will only collect information needed to respond to any communication you have initiated with us by way of our Contact Form. This information will not be shared with anyone else.
  4. Countryside Trash Removal is not liable for any costs, losses, expenses, damages, or injuries you may incur based on use of or review of this site.
  5. By using this website, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

Unless you contact us through our website, our site does not collect personal information from users and/or visitors. Likewise, any information collected via our contact form is strictly used to respond to your inquiry and is not shared with anyone else.  Additionally:

  • Personal and payment-related information that you provide when conducting an online transaction for payment of our services is provided to a third-party payment agent via a secure portal. We do not have access to this information nor is it shared with us (other than confirmation of payment/non-payment). Please refer to the third-party’s Privacy Policy for information regarding their use of information.
  • For analytical purposes, our site may collect non-personally-identifying information (i.e., browser, device type, duration of visit, pages viewed, etc.) This information is used for internal business purposes and is not shared with any third-parties. Similarly, your IP address may also be collected, which may be considered personally-identifying information. However, we will never share your IP address unless required by law.
  • Except for the previously stated analytical purposes, we do not use cookies on our site.
  • We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy. All such changes will be posted on our website.